Who We Are


Aisal Combine Services Limited is an Engineering Company incorporated in 1991, RC: No. 179660. We are a multi-sector Company which undertakes comprehensive professional services in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering and Plumbing services.  The company is adequately staffed with technical and resourceful personnel with proven experience in their respective fields.

The Company operates as Contractors for medium and large scale projects. We are equipped with a high caliber team of staff to undertake and carry out any specific assignment to a very high standard.



Our Vision

To create the highest standard of quality services within the electrical, mechanical engineering and building construction sector of Nigerian economy.


  • Design and supervision of Electrical, Mechanical (Plumbing, Ventilation and Air-conditioning) systems for Residential, Industrial and office Complexes.
  • Design of infrastructural facilities for new settlements i.e. electrical power and Telecommunications systems, Water schemes and other related services


  • Installation of Electrical systems: - (Residential, Industrial and Office Complexes)
  • Power and lighting system installation
  • Fire detection system
  • Burglary and security alarm system
  • Lightning protection system
  • Installation of Electrical Power distribution systems:
  • High tension and low voltage panels

Mechanical System

  • INSTALLATION OF PLUMBING SYSTEM: - Water supply and soil piping, sanitary wares, heating system, water storage tanks and pumping machines.
  • Installation of fire-fighting equipment: - Dry riser, sprinklers, hose reel system etc.
  • Maintenance of building services: - water supply and soil waste line, sanitary fittings, firefighting equipment, hose reels, hydrants etc.